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Why CCG?

“A team player works positively together with everyone to get the job done in the best way possible.” -Unknown

Claim Consultant Group believes working as a team is the most productive way to reach our goals. Together we can achieve and produce a level of quality work that surpasses the industry standards; this is why we work with individuals who are diligent, organized and self-motivated.

We aim to fill our roster with adjusters who possess these traits as they go hand in hand with CCG’s core values. CCG is willing to go above and beyond what our carriers depend on us to provide, and we expect our adjusters to do the same.

CCG gathers and compiles background and experience information on all our adjusters to ensure the claims they are assigned fall within their expertise. Developing and maintaining personalized relationships with our adjusters allows us to make assignments quickly and minimize error due to inexperience.

Our dispatch team works diligently to provide our adjusters with transparent communication and the tools needed for a successful adjusting career.


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